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Psychotherapy for all. Heal and discover the real you.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Don’t go away, come near. Don’t be faithless, be faithful.Find the antidote in the venom.

come to the root of the root of you.

Anxious, worried, unwell? something keeps you up or wakes you in the middle of the night and invade your deepest dreams and fears? The daily job that brings the money but seem to be killing you. The relationship that feels so wrong and abusive and disempowering but you keep telling your self that you have no choice. The abuse that you give your self or others when you feel stuck in negative emotions so strong that it's strangling you. why don't you do something about it????

why not take a leap of faith and start your journey of discovery with me.

let me know what you need together we find a way a road that would take you to where you need to be. but first you need to know where you need to be, where you the real you need to go to. find the lost child with in.


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